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Denise Cronin

andcrafted from my talented close friend Sarah, these quality pieces will last you a lifetime. Being from Boston, I have not seen anything quite as unique as her jewelry. I refuse to buy jewelry anywhere else. Pretty you & Me is my first and last stop to find the trendiest accessories.”

Catie Yuen

and girly all at the same time”

Paloma Trejo

and also a close personal friend of mine. Every time I wear her jewelry I get compliments from everyone. This jewelry is two of my favorite things STUNNING & UNIQUE ! Sarah has even made specific pieces upon my request. I love her creativity and the sky is the limit on what she will create. This is my go to place for fun one of a kind accessories!”

Elena Ruiz

“Pretty You and Me jewelry is a constant in my everyday wardrobe. It allows me to express myself and my philosophy through shape, color, words, passion. The desire to make one of a kind jewelry shows. I am drawn to such a unique style to fit my everyday mood.”

Sara Wong

“Pretty You & Me jewelry is such a fun and creative line of jewelry . I especially love her long dangly earrings. I am addicted to them . I also love the fact that each pair is unique and 1 of a kind. One time even Sarah personalized a pair for me based around one little accent piece that I liked in another pair. I love this line of jewelry and will always purchase from her !!!

Miceala Maxham

“I love everyone of my Pretty You & Me pieces! Not only are they one of a kind, but I love that you can mix and match any bracelet set! Sarah’s handmade jewelry can be worn everyday- made to go with any outfit. I always get compliments when I am wearing something from her line & I always say it’s because it’s like art for your wrist. ( or ears)”

Stephani Frame

I’ve been a customer of Sarah’s for many years because I’m a huge fan of custom and handmade jewelry. I live in Colorado where we are constantly surrounded by beauty & inspiration , a place where we value personal taste & style. Pretty You & Me jewelry reflects this vibe with all the gorgeous, unique and extremely AFFORDABLE pieces! It’s also wonderful to know that your purchase is helping sarah realize her dreams as an artist all the while you’re getting a one of a kind piece of herself. Sarah pours her heart and soul into her work and it’s definitely obvious. Support small business !!!!! You won’t be sorry !”

Valerie Moncada

“I’m not much of a jewelry girl, but the only jewelry I wear is from Sarah. Her earrings and bracelets allow me to express my sense of style & uniqueness in my everyday activities . I love how personalized each piece is , and everywhere I go people stop me to ask about them. I feel like I can never have enough of her jewelry and I always catch myself looking for her new styles every month”

Marce Mendoza

“Awesome one of a kind jewelry! I’ve never really been one of those girls that’s all into jewelry …..then I saw Sarah’s collection. Two words: LOVE IT!

Celina Ward

“I absolutely love my Pretty You & Me collection! Sarah is an extremely creative jewelry designer. Her stuff is just beautiful & most of all…unique. I wear something she has made just about everyday & receive tons of compliments from both male and female nonstop! Everything I have from her is just so eye catching. She is definitely one for the books! I love love love Pretty You & Me ! “

Santita Muerta

Leah Donyae

Posha Cruz

Leticia Pena

Bianca at ReLovePlanet

and her choice of styles in her creations always catch my eye . I have received so many compliments on my lovely watch piece and wear it almost everyday. So much appreciation for Pretty You & Me’s beautiful work.”

Pretty You and Me